Fly Traps

There are innumerable different traps available on the market. The key point to understand is that there are different traps for different species of flies. There is no one trap that catches all species. Most of the traps sold in feed, farm and... Learn More

General Sanitation

It sounds simple, but overall sanitation is still the most important and effective way to control flies. A little extra work “neating up” can yield a big fly reduction. All outside trash and manure areas should be kept clean. Use garbage cans with tight fitting... Learn More

Manure Management

For most animal owners manure management is THE most important variable in any fly control program simply because this is the largest single source of (from a House Fly’s perspective) 'the good stuff.' There are three typical programs that can... Learn More

More Rain = More Flies

If you have more rain than normal you will likely see more flies. Since pest fly eggs and larvae need to be in a moist medium, if it’s wetter than normal more breeding areas will stay 'just perfect' longer for producing lots of flies. Flies have a... Learn More 

Other Beneficials You Want to Encourage

"Dung Beetle" is the common name for beetles that are members of the Scarabaeidae family. These beetles breed, feed and tunnel in dung deposited on pastures. Through their activities, these beetles break up and bury the dung pat. This dries... Learn More

Reduce Inward Migration

A House Fly can easily travel 1/4 mile, so if you have neighbors with animals within that range some of the flies you’re seeing are likely from there. The closer they are and the more animals they have the bigger the problem. Two horses 1/4 mile... Learn More