How To Use Fly Predators Video

How To Use Fly Predators VideoClick here to open our video detailing how to use Fly Predators most effectively. This informative yet entertaining video is a comprehensive and easy to understand guide to virtually everything you need to know about controlling flies with Fly Predators.

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Quick Fly Control Instructions

They are shipped in the pupal (cocoon) stage which are the little black things. Normally they’ll start emerging within 2-7 days after arrival in summer, (later when cooler) but it’s OK if they’re emerging on delivery. They look like tiny little ants... Learn More

Tips for Dairy and Beef Operations

Controlling pest flies effectively with little or no pesticides on large livestock facilities is absolutely possible. However it helps enormously if you know what kinds of pest flies you have, where they are coming from, their life cycle and... Learn More

Detailed Fly Control Instructions

How To Use Fly Traps Video

How To Use Fly Traps VideoClick here to open our video detailing how to effectively use Fly Traps.

Traps complement Fly Predators as they’ll get the adult flies coming in from neighbors and the few flies that your Fly Predators might not have stopped in time. Be sure to use the right traps in the right locations.