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Live Delivery Guaranteed

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Your Fly Predators should emerge within 3-10 days after delivery if they are maintained at approximately 80ºF. Often their emergence will be delayed as their development time is very temperature dependent and they are often kept at temperatures lower than 80ºF during shipping. If at 14 days past the arrival date they still have not emerged we will gladly send you another shipment. Please call customer service at 1-888-562-4241.

Due to the minute size of Fly Predators, we measure their numbers by the volume of the pupa cases they are delivered in. Since one to seven Fly Predators will emerge from each pupa case, depending upon the species, the volume of your shipment may vary from time to time, although the number of Fly Predators enclosed will be the same. Normally we enclose more Fly Predators than ordered to insure live delivery of the quantity requested.

  • My February 20th shipment arrived but there were no live Fly Predators. We did have a cold front come in for days and lots of rain. May I please get a replacement?