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Integrated control

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Integrated control is the augmenting of biological control with other methods which gives the highest degree of fly control that will not harm your beneficial insects. Several of these methods that have been used successfully with Fly Predators are traps, sugar based fly baits, fly papers, electric and black light fly traps, and spraying non-manure areas where flies congregate, such as rafters in the evenings, fence rails and barn sides in the morning sunshine, shady places in the heat of the day, etc.

Sometimes the degree of fly control achieved is not as high as desired due to flies migrating in from neighboring breeding areas. Pest flies are hardy fliers and easily migrate up to a quarter mile a day, sometimes up to one half mile. We often see people who are very conscientious about fly control on their property but are surrounded by neighbors who do little or almost nothing on those lines. In these cases a high degree of fly control is almost impossible to achieve (regardless of the methods used) unless the neighbors also participate. We will gladly supply fly control information to your neighbors if desired.