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There are also very special horse and rider training videos by the Light Hands Horsemanship clinicians; Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lester Buckley, Jon Ensign, Dr. Robert M. Miller and Richard Winters. These are inspiring horsemen and they cover a wide array of topics that can help you and your horse.

Our feature video for this year is "Dr. Robert M. Miller's Safer Horsemanship". In this video Dr. Miller explains how to safely catch, halter and lead a horse, the three points of contact that greatly reduces the risk of being stepped on or kicked. Also how to examine horse’s teeth and ears, administer eye medication, take a temperature, prevent tying and halter wrecks and riding safely.

Also check out the video we made to accompany Mary Ann Kennedy's moving tribute song to Dr. Miller, "It All Starts" for his imprint training.

Dr. Robert M. Miller
Michael Martin Murphey

Fly Control for Horses

Light Hands Horsemanship

Fly Control for Dairy

HorseGirl: Angelea Kelly