Parelli Savvy Club Complimentary Trial Membership

Free Parelli Savvy Club Trial Membership

Pat and Linda Parelli
“I first heard about Spalding Fly Predators from Dr. Miller in the late ‘80’s. All my life, I’ve looked for the natural way to do things and these Fly Predators were the first time I had a non-chemical way of being effective against flies. Since 1989, I’ve had great success with them keeping my property fly free, at three different facilities and in three very different climates.”

—Pat & Linda Parelli

As a Spalding customer you have an exclusive opportunity to ride (virtually) with Pat and Linda Parelli. Their new online Savvy Club goes way beyond the typical online training tools. It's a structured, step by step, month by month, learning program that will make you a more confident rider and provide the knowledge to make your horse a better partner as well.

The tips and techniques Pat and Linda have distilled from a lifetime around horses are very helpful, but perhaps the most valuable is the understanding they provide of why your horse acts the way he/she does and how to get them to do what you want, with them thinking it's what they want.

The Savvy Club at Bronze level normally costs $19.95 per month. The first month is free for Spalding customers and in that month you will either find this is a fabulous learning experience for you or not. It's definitely worth a look no matter what level of horsemanship you're at. Only if you want to continue will you need a credit card.

Click here to go to the Savvy Club for the full details.  If you want to take advantage of the free one month trial you’ll need to add that item to your Fly Predator (or any product) order.  It will be the first optional item listed after you’ve done your Fly Predator order.  If you are ordering stuff without Fly Predators, the “Free Parelli Savvy Club 1 month online subscription” is the first item in the other product listings.   

After you complete your order expect an email from the Parelli folks with your password in about a week, sometimes less.  If you have already placed an order for 2016 but didn’t add the Parelli Savvy Club Free Trial, send us an email or call and we will get that added to your order. 

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