Easy to Use

Colvin and Maize Davis
"My barn, horse trailer and kennels all smell fresh and clean. A lot better since I started using Bye Bye Odor.”

—Hall of Fame Bird Dog trainers, Colvin and Maize Davis, Minter, AL

Bye Bye Odor comes as a super concentrate that is diluted with water before use. Simply pour the 4 oz bottle into a clean 2-3 gallon garden-type, pump up sprayer and add tap water. Clean stalls as you normally do then spray a generous mist of Bye Bye Odor on and around the wet spots every day. It takes just seconds per stall. Regular daily usage is suggested for best results. Within three to five days of daily application the unpleasant smell will be gone.

Bye Bye Odor Is Great For Stalls, Kennels, Cages, Cat Litter Boxes, Pens, Trailers, Etc.

Just 4 oz. of Bye Bye Odor Concentrate makes up to 2.5 gallons

It is also suitable for use inside your home for removing pet urine odors from carpet or furniture. Use it with all livestock: Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Poultry
and all pets: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Rabbits, Hamsters, etc. If it pees and poops, Bye Bye Odor will help their areas not smell.

The Best One-Two Punch For Eliminating Flies And Odor... Fly Predators And Bye Bye Odor

Fly Predators can stop flies reproducing on your property, but what about those that come from the neighbors? Why do they always seem to find your barn out of all the
directions they could go? Flies have a very sensitive olfactory system that can lead them to that smelly “good stuff” from quite a distance away. Don’t let your barn be a
“Come and Get It” beacon for flies. Keep it picked up and reduce the residual odors that don’t leave the muck bucket with Bye Bye Odor.

Cost Effective

One 4 oz bottle of Bye Bye Odor super concentrate costing $19.95 delivered (*ground shipping) will treat 5 horse stalls or a 30 dog kennel for one month. For larger facilities a 32 oz bottle is available for $119.95 that makes 20 gallons and will treat a 40 horse barn for one month. Once opened and mixed with tap water, Bye Bye Odor must be used within 60 days. You can add Bye Bye Odor to your Fly Predator shipments or it can ship alone.

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4oz Bye Bye Odor Concentrate makes 2.5 gallons $20.99
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Four-pak 4oz Bye Bye Odor Concentrate makes 10 gallons $73.99
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