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If It's Stinky, Bye Bye Odor Will Help

Laura C Started Using Bye Bye Odor To Remove Difficult Cat Spray Odors From Clothes.

“I was at work one day and as I sat at my desk I kept smelling this powerful and awful odor. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was! Finally I realized (much to my dismay) that the horrible stench was coming from the left shoulder of my sweater. Apparently when I had last washed the sweater and laid it out to dry, my cat had taken the liberty of “marking” it as his own. Without noticing, I had worn the sweater to work only to be overpowered by the stench of cat urine.  I was mortified and I didn’t have another change of clothes in the car. Thankfully, that was the day that we received samples of Bye Bye Odor. I wasn’t sure that it would work, but I mixed some up and applied it to my sweater. A little improvement would have been helpful, but it actually worked better than I expected! The smell on the sweater was totally gone! Thank you!”

Laura C
Matick, Massachusetts

Bye Bye Odor Helps Control All Kinds Of Difficult Odors.

Stinky sneakers, smelly mold and mildew, apartments that don’t smell so great because of the pets that used to live there, rugs that dogs used for housebreaking, in the kitchen, in the garage, in black water tanks of RVs, around the trash can, in teenager’s rooms…

There is no end to the number of odor problems Bye Bye Odor can be used for. Closets that smell like they have been closed for years, pet beds, litter boxes and linen closets are just a few more examples of uses for Bye Bye Odor. Old pet stains that are reconstituted because of humidity or a spill can be especially challenging. For the tougher cases spray Bye Bye Odor more generously and more often.

Bye Bye Odor Facts:

  • All Natural
  • Non Toxic
  • An Odor Clean Up, Not a Cover Up
  • Indoor And Outdoor Use

Bye Bye Odor has a much higher concentration of odor-eliminating microbes than found in other available products. It is a safe and natural solution especially formulated to substantially reduce or eliminate a wide range of odors. Bye Bye Odor should not stain or discolor materials but always test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Similar compounds to those in Bye Bye Odor have been used for decades to break down odors, and are commonly found in the ingredients of household carpet cleaners and stain removers as well as commercial odor removal products. These compounds are completely harmless to humans and animals.

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