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Love Your Dog But Hate The Urine Smell?

Remove Dog Urine With Superior Urine Odor Remover, Bye Bye Odor.Bye Bye Odor has a much higher concentration of microbes that eliminate unpleasant smells than other available products. It is a totally natural product and is safe.

For Calvin and Maize Davis, Their Barn, Horse Trailer & Kennels All Smell Better With Bye Bye Odor.

“My barn, horse trailer and kennels all smell fresh and clean. A lot better since I started using Bye Bye Odor.”

Calvin and Maize Davis
Minter, AL

Member of the Bird Dog Hall of Fame, winner of the National Bird Dog Championship and owner of

Bye Bye Odor is not an odor cover up, it is an odor clean up. Indoors or outdoors, Bye Bye Odor is safe for people and animals. Similar compounds to those found in Bye Bye Odor have been used for decades to break down odors, and are commonly found in household carpet cleaners and stain removers as well as commercial odor removal products.

Bye Bye Odor Facts:

  • All Natural
  • Non Toxic
  • An Odor Clean Up, Not a Cover Up
  • Indoor And Outdoor Use

Bye Bye Odor comes as a super concentrate that is diluted with water before use. The Bye Bye Odor for Cats Package includes an empty 32 oz spray bottle that is perfect for cages and indoor pets. For larger jobs, simply pour the 4 oz bottle into a clean 2-3 gallon garden-type, pump up sprayer and add tap water. Clean the kennel or pen area as you normally do then spray a generous mist of Bye Bye Odor every day.

For Kennels and Breeders:

Bye Bye Odor is a quick, easy and effective way to control odors from urine and waste. For kennels, regular daily usage after washing down is suggested for best results. Bye Bye Odor is also great for use in dog crates, breeding boxes and areas in the yard where they always “go.” Within three to five days of daily application the unpleasant smell will be gone.

The following is an customer (its also available there) comment on Bye Bye Odor. I have 2 puppies and have been using this product for a month now. If you’re lucky enough to catch the puppies in the act, this product will work fine and it has a nice fresh odor. I've just started to use it on secret puppy pee stashes so I'll let you know if it works on older odors. So far I've found this to be the best by far of other odor removers I've used.

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