Cat Pet Odor Removal That Really Works- Eliminate Cat Urine Odor Now

Bye Bye Odor for Cats MAKES 256 fl oz (8 QUARTS) of Ready-To-Use product

Bye Bye Odor for Cats is an all natural, non-toxic odor eliminator designed to clean up, not cover up nasty cat box odors. For cats that “mark” or “spray,” Bye Bye Odor will remove the smell from those areas. BYE BYE ODOR FOR CATS has been extensively tested for effectiveness and safety by Spalding Labs customers as well as by Tom and Barbara Spalding, long time cat lovers and the owners of the company.

BYE BYE ODOR FOR CATS guarantees 100% cat urine odor elimination or your money back. BYE BYE ODOR FOR CATS is a concentrate. One (1) unit of BYE BYE ODOR FOR CATS makes eight (8) quarts of Ready-To-Use product. It is without question, the single  most cost effective cat urine odor fighting product on the market.

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Here's what some past customers have to say about BYE BYE ODOR FOR CATS

Great Deal
By Kristene

It didn't just cover up odors, it actually got rid of them all together. This bottle lasted forever and was very reasonably priced. Great deal.

Works great! Have a cat having a tough time with ...
By Alyssaon

Works great! Have a cat having a tough time with transition and this really helpes. I keep buying it...

Fixes Cat Pee.
By Tory

My cats have peed on just about everything: velvet couch, silk curtains, wood floors, marble tile, stove burner, electric blanket, carpet, rugs, themselves. Cat pee used to mean lots of futile scrubbing with every ineffectual product on the market, hand wringing, cat swatting, and despair because the stink never quite came out, everything was ruined, and the whole house re-stunk vaguely on a humid day. Not anymore. I have used BBO to de-stink all of the above and successfully made them like new.

However, the most intractable stink was when the cats SOAKED the untreated floor in their litter closet. This was not a wood surface, it was the actual 100-year-old heart pine floorboard, so without BBO this fix was going to require a carpenter to rip out and replace the floor. If this stuff can get cat pee stink out of an inch-thick floorboard, it can get anything out of everything. I have even used it to de-stink the cat who peed and pooed himself in the cage en route home from the vet and was too nauseating to handle.

I have used BBO on everything but myself and give as a gift to anyone with animals or teenage boys with bad aim. My only complaint is that Spalding has, for no known reason, 'improved' it by adding a 'scent' reminiscent of stale old man aftershave circa 1950. Ugh. This fades quickly, however, and having used this product to the exclusion of all others for at least ten years, it is the final solution for everything, so I am prepared to put up with it...

A Godsend!
By Michele Hallon

Our cat has had some "inappropriate behavior" on the carpet in one of the bedrooms. We've had professional cleaners come out, we've used our own carpet shampooer and we've used other products made to remove odor, all with little or no effect. It got to the point that, when we had the windows open on a nice day, the smell would waft from that room into the main area of the house! I used a blacklight to see where she had urinated, cleaned it up as best I could with our carpet shampooer, then sprayed Bye Bye Odor onto the area. The odor is almost completely gone! It's AMAZING. I only did this a couple of days ago, and I have seen another reviewer say not to get discouraged because it could take a couple of applications, so I will be giving it another spray or two, but already, I'm sold. I have already recommended this to friends with "inappropriate" animals.

This Stuff Really Works
By JMoss

I rescue animals, so sometimes my new rescues aren't house broken. Over the years, I've tried just about everything on the market and all the natural remedies to help get rid of the odor. Nothing worked. I didn't want a cover up; I wanted something that eliminated the odor.

I live in horse country where people have barn odors that must be eliminated, so I checked out horse products and came across this product. It just made sense that any product that was effective for horse odors and sensitive enough for horses' respiratory system would work for my much more minor problems.

I bought Bye Bye Odor concentrate and used it according to directions. Within three days after application, the odors were gone. Not covered up - gone. So gone, that the dogs don't re-mark those spots.

This is a great product!

I promise I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company and I don't get a discount or anything for this review, although I sure wish I did!

*Refund does not include postage.

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