House Fly Sticky Trap

House Fly Sticky Trap
EZ Trap® $9.29 for two Re-Useable

EZ Trap®

$9.99 for two Re-Useable

The yellow EZ Trap attracts flies by visual cues not odor. So it's the trap you want to put in the barn or by the back door to get the flies that are there, but not bring more in. There are lots of sticky fly catchers on the market but nothing that matches the EZ's effectiveness, ease of use and attractiveness (ok, less ugly-ness).

For starters it has more surface area to catch more flies than most other sticky consumer traps. This trap is also the only sticky one that the bugs and dust can be hosed off and the trap reused a few times making it very economical. We are the first to publicize this re-useability. For years retailers have been happy to sell you another new trap instead. You’ll also be thankful for the disposable gloves we send with each trap order.

The base material is plastic rather than cardboard and the adhesive will not break down when exposed to heat, cold or moisture. Nor will it stick to you, the wall, or larger things like birds since the glue is similar to Post-It-Note glue. It's sticky enough to keep insects attached, but not enough to be a nuisance. If you have ever used the cheap fly tapes or coils or the big wide sheets you know what a mess they can be. But they are not totally ineffective, a few flies might die laughing watching you get un-stuck from these.

The EZ Trap visually attracts flies by its bright yellow color as well as its shape. Flies come to defined edges and a flat surface to land on. This trap can hung with a built in hook (there's one at both ends). Set it on a 3/8" post or rebar or stack them for use anywhere. Be sure to put these in areas with some light, not the darkest part of your barn as the flies need to be able to see it. It should be in an area where flies hang out. So put it where you see flies. If it starts to get dusty, the stickiness goes away so periodically give it a quick rinse with a hose. Don't worry about a few fly parts being left on it and don't use a pressure washer. These come two traps per package.

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