House Fly Odor Trap

House Fly Odor Trap

The StarBar® Odor Traps we sell have a "secret sauce" odor attractant. All use the same attractant formula and so far it’s the best ever developed. This attractant uses a mix of four different materials, three are a feeding attractant and one is a sex pheromone. A broader range of House Flies. Blow Flies, Flesh Flies, Blue and Green Bottle Flies and Eye Gnats will be attracted to and caught by these traps than by traps using only one type of lure. This attractant begins working immediately unlike others that take hours or days or more to get going. The other thing that matters is the trap design.

First you need to get flies in the trap, and then you need to keep them in there.
The StarBar® Traps have a black top combined with a baffled design that does not let light shine down through the top opening if looking up from within the trap. Flies are diurnal, which means they only are active during daylight and so they don't go in dark places where they can’t see. Once a fly gets in the trap, they always go toward the light to get out. So they buzz around the clear walls until they die, never realizing they could walk out the top opening. The escape rate from the Terminator Pro® is below measurable levels and the best among the StarBar® Traps. Other brands of traps can lose many times more flies escaping.

There are disposable Odor Traps where you simply throw them in the trash when they are full of disgusting, stinky dead flies. There are also re-useable traps where you dump out the goopy mess and add new attractant and more water. Both have their pros and cons and which you choose can come down to how much "yuck" can you stand.

The trap that catches the most flies is the re-useable Terminator Pro. The re-useables are the most cost effective since every refill is only $2.25 after a onetime $23.99 cost for the Terminator Pro® (it will last years) or $10.99 for two Milk Jugg® Trap tops (which also last a long time). However there are folks though who would gladly put up two disposable traps to avoid handling a trap dump-out and reload. (The Terminator Pro does not have twice the performance of the Giant Fly Relief or the TrapNToss®). We don't want to scare folks away from the re-useables as they aren't that bad to dump and our customers are used to mucking out and other “horsey” and “farmy” chores.

We supply gloves with every trap order which makes working with either kind of trap much more comfortable. You never want to get the dead fly mess on you as it can harbor the most amazing collection of bacteria imaginable. Be sure to wash your hands after handling a trap full of flies. You also don't want to spill the attractant on you or your clothes – you will find yourself very popular with flies. If you do happen to get it on you wash well with soap and water and then use lemon juice and cold cream to help remove the lingering smell.

Many customers using Fly Predators report they don't even fill up a trap all season, but to keep it working well you need to keep the water level up. Once you get use to hardly any flies, it's amazing how only those few can now become a nuisance. These traps will get many of those final few flies.

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