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Selecting Your New Fly Traps Is Easy!

Picking Your New Fly Traps Is Not Complicated

We provide a lot of information so you can pick the best one, but any of the ones we offer will work better than what you're likely to get from a store that is not trap savvy.

Our Choice for Horse Owners:

  • EZ Trap® for the barn
  • BiteFree™ for Stable Flies
  • And at least one type of Odor trap

Prefer Disposables?
  • Get Giant Fly Relief®

Prefer Re-Useables?
  • Get Milk Jugg®
Heavy Fly Population?
  • Use Terminator Pro®

Fly Traps Can Get Those Flies No Matter Where They Came From

Fly Traps complement Fly Predators as they’ll get the flies coming from neighbors. We offer the highest performance fly traps on the market at great prices. Our helpful fly trap information is the best in the industry and will make sure you get the right traps and know the correct locations where to put them.

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Why Fly Traps Complement Fly Predators

A limiting factor of Fly Predators is they only travel about 150 feet from where you put them. By contrast a pest fly can easily travel 1/4 mile, so if you have neighbors with large animals within that range, you’re likely being visited by their flies. The closer the neighbors, and the more animals they have, the bigger the problem. Two horses 1/4 mile away are not a big issue. A feedlot across the street is.

First, try to get your neighbors to use Fly Predators. Then no one will have flies. If the chance of them doing that is slim to none, then put traps on the fence line between you and the grumpy neighbor to catch their flies before they get to you. Then put additional traps at the right spots on your facility to catch the ones that do make it there. Buying extra Fly Predators and putting them at the fence line can also help and may be the most common sense solution. Fly Predators only stop new flies from hatching so if you have too many adult flies or start late when flies are already abundant, traps can help reduce these pest flies quickly.

The traps we recommend offer the greatest fly catching performance you can buy as documented by independent, published, USDA sponsored testing. No more "buy it and hope it works". While the traps listed below are "Super Stars" at catching flies, they're still not very glamorous when full of flies and stinking to high heaven. However, you'll appreciate them nevertheless for getting the flies "in there" rather than "on you". All the traps we recommend are pesticide-free, compatible with Fly Predators and made the USA.

Traps can help if you board your horse at a facility and you can't get them to use Fly Predators for all the horses at that location. While you'll never control flies with traps alone, they will continue to work to reduce the fly population after you leave visiting your horse. By comparison sprays just chase the flies off your horse for a relatively short while, a few days at best, and often just a few hours.

It's Important To Pick The Right Trap For The Flies That Are Bugging You

No single trap will catch every kind of pest fly. Most horse owners will usually need three different traps; Odor and Sticky Traps for House Flies and Biting Stable Fly Traps (stinky, sticky and stable) and each type should be put in a different place.

Picking and placing traps is a simple three-step process: 

  1. Identify The Fly
  2. Pick the Right Trap
  3. Place it Correctly
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H-Trap Horse & Deer Fly Trap - Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for processing. Trap may ship sooner $369.99
StarBar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap single $12.49
StarBar EZ Trap two traps $11.99
StarBar Terminator Pro Trap single $25.99
StarBar Milk Jugg Trap Kit of 2 $13.99
StarBar Attractant Pods for reusable House Fly Traps. Bag of 8. $10.99
StarBar Regular Size Fly Relief Bag Trap single $6.49
StarBar Giant Size Fly Relief Bag Trap single $8.49
StarBar Trap N Toss single $8.99
StarBar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap CASE of 6 $67.49
StarBar EZ Trap CASE of 24 $129.99
StarBar Terminator Pro Trap CASE of 6 $140.99
StarBar Milk Jugg Trap Kit CASE of 48 $301.99
CASE of 12 8 pack StarBar Attractant Pods for reusable House Fly Traps. $119.99
StarBar Regular Size Fly Relief Bag Trap CASE of 12 $69.99
StarBar Giant Size Fly Relief Bag Trap CASE of 12 $91.99
StarBar Trap N Toss CASE of 12 $96.99