Stuff To Know About Fly Spray

Stuff To Know About Fly Spray

 Just like a 2011 car is safer, has lower emissions and gets better mileage than a 1980’s era car (when the majority of the top selling equine fly sprays were registered) the safety and efficacy requirements to register a pesticide today are much more stringent than before. So our preference for this type of product is to use the newest on the market.  That way you get the benefit of what has been learned in the past 30 years about pesticides.

Commercial Name                      Product Name (EPA)                  EPA Reg # Original Reg Date

Absorbine Ultrashield Red       WFY0901                                          1543-1       June 20, 2011

Absorbine Ultrashield EX        WFY0301                                          1543-15    January 15, 2004

Bronco®e , Repel-X®              REPEL-X RTU                                  270-294    April 17, 1995

Bronco® Gold                          FARNAM WIPE SPRAY II          270-263     May 12, 1992

Pyranha® Wipe N' Spray         PYRANHA WIPE N' SPRAY         21165-45  October 27, 1988

Pyranha® Spray and Wipe       PYRANHA EQUINE                       21165-33  March 29, 1988

Endure® Sweat-Resistant         FARNAM CRASH FLY SPRAY     270-251  September 16, 1986

Absorbine Flys-X                     ABSORBINE FLYS-X                      1543-10 April 5, 1985

Repel-XP Emulsifiable Spray  FARNAM REPEL-XP                     270-150   July 1, 1981

Pyranha® Insecticide               PYRANHA INSECTICIDE            21165-1    June 21, 1973


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