Guide to Fly Control for Horses

Here is the complete recipe for an effective fly control for horses program. With little effort and the right tools you can manage your fly population and keep your horses and other animals fly free. Print the guide or bookmark this page for easy reference wherever you go. Our knowledgeable fly experts have real no fly know how and are ready to help if you have any questions, give us a call at 888-562-5696, click on the chat to the left, or email us Take a look around our site for even more informative tips and learn about our exclusive products: Fly Predators, Bye Bye Insects Fly Spray, Bye Bye Odor, or Fly Traps.

Get Your Recommended Fly Predator Schedule
Based on your zip code and the number of animals you have, we can generate an accurate and effective Fly Predator schedule tailored just for you Click Here To Find Out What You Need