What Others Say About Our Fly Predators

What Others Say

Every summer we visit customers all across the country during the peak of fly season. The photos on this page are un-retouched close ups from the farms of the folks you see on this site.

Spalding Fly Predators Dog Customer Quotes:

  • “Fly Predators are working great! Wish I'd tried them long before now. My neighbors have commented on the lack of flies compared to last year as well.”

    —Sarah M. Bend, OR
  • “Fly Predators are totally awesome. Since we started using them we have very few flies flying around. It really makes life tolerable. We also spread some around by our house because we have two dogs too.”

    —Martin L. Emmett, ID
  • “I have noticed a big difference. My dogs are all indoor dogs but the side yard where they poop has always been a problem. My neighbor's patio is right next to it and I didn't want them bothered by flies. I am very happy with the results.”

    —Jeanne S. Miami, FL
  • “I can't believe how well Fly Predators have worked-I've hung some fly paper in the usual spots but there are no flies on the strips-no flies in my house-no flies anywhere!”

    —Judith F. Lincoln, VT
  • “Fly Predators are a great system. My three dogs' ears are not being eaten”

    —Cheryl R. Burlington, IA
  • “Pettit Creek Farms Educational Learning Center has buffalo, camels, zebras, horses, cows, goats and so on! We have birthday parties in the middle of the farm and you may see one or two flies during the party. Keep the Fly Predators coming.”

    —Scott A. Cartersville, GA
  • “I would not even think to be without your Fly Predators as I've seen the remarkable difference they make in the fly population.”

    —Ted Z. Rollinsville, CO

  • “This year is a really bad fly year. Everyone I know has tons of flies. We hardly have any with Fly Predators.”

    —Jeanne H. Sonoita, AZ


Colvin D. with Pete Minter recommends fly predators

“We used the Fly Predators for the first time last year. They worked real good controlling flies around our dogs and horses. We had very few flies after we started putting them out at home.”

—Colvin D. with Pete Minter, AL

Steve N. Herington recommends fly predators

“I will use Fly Predators again! We have racing Greyhound dogs and last year I didn't have to put anything on their ears.”

—Steve N. Herington, KS

Chistina F recommends fly predators

“This is a great product. I must say it has been a blessing. Most of the flies are gone.It was one of the best products I have ever won at a dog show.”

—Chistina F. Irvine, KY

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