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Pest fly reproduction is not limited to animal manure. Many pest flies reproduce in "rotting organic matter" and that can be wide range of material. This include spilled grain or feed, waste food products, old hay or grass, compost piles, sludge lagoons, just to name just a few. So if you have a fly problem and those flies are reproducing on your property, we can provide the means to completely solve it by natural, pesticide free, methods.

For 46 years our non-animal customers have included sewage treatment facilities, compost facilities, golf courses, breweries, wineries, nut processing facilities, resort islands, shell fish processors, orchards, cruise ships with composting toilets, wilderness parks (with outhouses) and more. We’ve had customers that had clouds of flies so thick that employees wouldn’t go near the fly areas and we’ve fixed the issue in some cases just by adding Fly Predators and it others, with a little smart clean up and fewer Fly Predators.

The key difference with us compared to the typical Pest Control Operator using only chemicals, is that we fix the fly problem at its source (stopping fly reproduction) rather than just treat the symptoms (killing just adult flies but not stopping future ones as sprays do).

If your flies are coming from off your property, typical for a restaurant with good smells but no waste material on-site, then the solution is not Fly Predators but fly traps which we can also provide.

So if flies are driving you crazy or driving customers away or making neighbors wanting to drag you away, call the fly control experts. Our little bugs can do a big job.

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