Fly Predators Are Proven Highly Effective

Proven Highly Effective

John R.  Butterwick Farm, Whitting, VT

"I’m happy with Fly Predators and will use them again. They are an effective, reasonable way to control bothersome flies on the cows. Clearly they are part of an overall program, not the solution on their own. I feel more comfortable using them than toxic sprays.”

—John R. Butterwick Farm, Whitting, VT

Don't Settle for Second Best

The species used in Fly Predators have been proven effective by both scientific tests and from decades of actual usage. Our satisfied customers include the country’s largest equine facilities down to backyard horse owners as well as large and small dairies, ranches, poultry farms, zoos, feedlots, show and rodeo grounds, fairs, and many more. Any location where there are critters producing manure or there is other rotting organic matter Fly Predators can help keep it fly free.

Our 46th Year of Satisfied Customers

For more than four decades Spalding Labs has supplied Fly Predators brand beneficial insects to livestock owners nationwide. The comments throughout this catalog are from on-site visits or last year’s “Report Card” where we asked all customers to rate how their Fly Predators were working. You can read thousands of customer comments here including those closest to you.

Jim Sweeney, Visalia, CA

“Last year was a bad fly year around here but our Vet and our Hoof Trimmer both tell us we had the least flies of all their clients. We used to have a custom service come out to spray, and then we bought our own rig, but with the Fly Predators we haven’t had to touch it. Fly Predators work for us.”

—Jim Sweeney, Visalia, CA

So Safe And Easy Your Kids Can Put Them Out

Nothing could be easier. Just sprinkle Fly Predators out of their sealed, see-through shipping pouches near manure and other pest fly breeding areas each week or every other week during warm weather. Fly Predators are shipped in the immature stage, inside a pupa (cocoon) which, looks like a black rice kernel in a mixture of wood shavings. A few days after arrival they’ll begin to emerge and then you release them. Fly Predators will not fly to, crawl on or otherwise bother you or your animals.

Start Regular Releases Early

Keep in mind that it is much easier to PREVENT a buildup of pest flies than it is to rid yourself of them once they have multiplied to intolerable levels. It’s best to start when the daytime highs get into the high 60℉. This is BEFORE the first flies begin to appear. Then continue with Fly Predator shipments every week stopping when the temperature drops down into the low 60’s at the end of fly season. While Fly Predators stop pest flies from reproducing, they do not affect existing adult flies. So you can’t expect a fly-free environment immediately following the first release if you start after flies are already present. Adult pest flies must either live out their short 21-day life span or be removed by compatible supplemental methods. These include traps, sticky paper, or fly bait. Just don’t do wide area spraying as that will harm the Fly Predators and other beneficials.

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