Recommended Coverage For Your Herd Size

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Herd Size Fly Predators
per cow, per month
per cow, per month

Confinement/ or Grazing with CowVac:

  • 96-125

1,000 $1.85
  • 126-245
1,000 $1.58
  • 246-495
1,000 $1.45
  • 496-795
1,000 $1.30
  • 796-1,995
1,000 $1.20
  • 2000
1,000 Call

Grazing/Organic Not Using CowVac:
  • 96-125
1,500 $2.77
  • 126-245
1,500 $2.37
  • 246-495
1,500 $2.18
  • 496-795
1,500 $1.95
  • 800
1,500 Call

Feed Lot:
  • 25-75
750 $1.45
  • 76-175
750 $1.32
  • 176-345
750 $1.13
  • 396-495
750 $1.04
  • 496-795
750 $0.94
  • 796-1,995
750 $0.86
  • 2000
750 Call

Recommended Coverage

Over the past years we’ve found that theses quantities of Fly Predators provide a good starting point for dairy and livestock operations. Our livestock customers, most of the time, report good to excellent results at these usage levels. Most release 1/4 of this amount of Fly Predators weekly. However, the number of Fly Predators needed varies not only with the number of animals, but also the manure management practices, the size of the property, the weather and the severity of the existing fly problem. There is much more on Here. Briefly, the more moist manure or spoiled feed around, the more flies you’ll have and more Fly Predators will be needed. Please call us at 1-866-404-6016 to tailor a program to your requirements.

Free Double Up Bonus

Order five months of shipments and we will add 50% to the quantity of your Fly Predators in two of those months for free. Order nine months and receive four bonus months of 50% more Fly Predators for free. This helps insure control when the fly pressure is the greatest during the warmest months. It’s also a built-in 20% discount.

Helping Your Fly Predator Program

Flies need a moist medium (between 40-60% moisture) to successfully reproduce. By making the manure too wet as in a lagoon, or too dry by spreading it thinly, or too hot by putting it in a compost pile you can make an enormous difference in your fly levels alone and reduce the Fly Predators needed. For the same reason, if you’ve had more rain than normal, then additional Fly Predators may be required for a few shipments.

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