Fly Predators Are Quick and Easy-To-Use

Roberta, John and Rebecca Seifert Dairy, Acampo, CA

“We’ve seen very impressive results using Fly Predators. The changes in our fly population have been drastic. We’ve eliminated our chemical pesticide use and are very satisfied with the results.”

—Roberta, John and Rebecca Seifert Dairy, Acampo, CA

Fly Predators Are Quick and Easy-To-Use

Every week or every other week, during warm weather months we will ship 25%- 50% of your monthly requirement of Fly Predators. Simply release them near all areas where fly reproduction “hot spots” are occurring. These are typically the areas with ongoing moist manure, spoiled feed and other breeding sites. They are easy to find by checking for fly larvae (maggots).

No Flies, No Pink Eye, No Pesticides, No Worry

Think about all the work that flies cause you, the endless spraying, pour-ons, fly baits, sticky tapes and traps. None of these are very effective for long periods of time and they don’t address the source of the pest flies. Also, in quite a few areas, the fly population has become resistant to many of the available pesticides.

The biological approach is a dramatically different way of attacking your fly problem. Unlike pesticides that typically only affect adult flies (which likely have already laid hundreds of eggs insuring more flies in 10 days) Fly Predators target the pest fly pupa (cocoon) stage killing the immature flies before they emerge. Spraying your barn can actually make the flies worse as it kills all the beneficial insects, like Fly Predators, beetles and mites that provide a significant amount of fly control on their own.

Using Fly Predators also completely avoids any potential adverse side effects associated with pesticides for your family or animals. Just reading the warning label on almost any fly pesticide is perhaps the best advertisement for biological control. By contrast, there is no warning label for the species in Fly Predators and in almost 40 years of commercial use no known adverse effects nor resistance by pest flies.

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