Dairy Fly Control With The Organic Fly Predators

The Real Deal In Dairy Fly Control
Per Mark Opitz, "Fly Predators Means Better Fly Control, Less Work.

“We used to spray pesticides, but I wouldn't go back. With Fly Predators we have way better control and it’s less work.”

—Mark Opitz, Hidden Valley Farm, Belmont, WI

Fly Predators Are The Cost Effective Solution For Real Fly Relief!

Add the nation’s leading natural biological fly control program to your dairy and you can reduce pest flies to close to negligible levels and increase the milk production of your herd. The tiny Fly Predators® brand beneficial insects are the natural enemy of flies, but never bother people or animals. For just $1-$3 per cow, per month you can enjoy dramatically reduced pest flies. Your cows will pay you back with increased milk production and reduced health issues, so good fly control can make you money.

No Flies, No Pink Eye, No Pesticides, No Worry 

Fly Predators eliminate the next generation of pest flies by natural safe biological control. They target the pest fly pupae (cocoon) stage killing immature flies before they can bother you and your animals or reproduce by the thousands. Every week, during warm weather months we will ship 25% of your monthly requirement of Fly Predators. Simply release them near all fly breeding areas.  These areas include manure areas that have ongoing moisture which produces House Flies, and bedding and silage or spoiled feed areas that product Biting Stable Flies.

Don't Wait Until Flies are "Awful"

It happens every summer. You hope that the flies won’t be too bad, but then almost overnight, they’re back and yes, it’s a bad fly year again. You rush to put bait out, pour the cows, put new reels on the sticky tape roller, add traps and maybe in desperation call the spray guy. As usual, none of this works very good or for very long. Your cows are miserable, bunching, swishing tails and stomping feet. Your wife is not happy either with flies in her house. And worse yet those flies are also costing you a surprisingly significant amount of MONEY! If this sounds familiar why do the same thing as last year again?

How Fly Predators Help Control Pest Flies.

Getting rid of flies after they have hatched and built up a tremendous population is like bailing out a sinking boat with a teaspoon. There are just too many flies by that time. Instead try stopping flies before they have a chance to reproduce and build-up to problem levels. You do this by good manure management to make it your property less “fly friendly” and by adding Fly Predators. Fly prevention is like fixing that hole in the boat before you put it in the water. That outcome is always better than if you wait until later.

Get Your Recommended Fly Predator Schedule
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