Large and Small Chicken and Poultry Farmers Alike Can Benefit from Spalding Fly Predators

Enjoy Your Chicks Without Flies

Handful of fresh eggs
Ahhh, nothing beats your own fresh eggs

It’s hard to beat the satisfaction of fresh eggs from your own hens. But, chicken poop can be a perfect breeding ground for pest flies so you will likely have more flies now than in your BC era (before chickens). One little bag of 5,000 Fly Predators applied every 4 to 6 weeks during the warm weather months, will eliminate the fly breeding on your property.

Presenting a baby chicken

Bonding with Henrietta- one of the Spalding chicks who is now 5 years old and still going strong. She laid the turquoise egg.


 Easy To Use

Simply sprinkle Fly Predators near your chicken coop and any manure stockpile.  If you have other animals, dogs, goats, horses etc. the Fly Predators will get rid of flies in those fly breeding areas too. If you have near-by-neighbors with animals, they are probably sending some of their flies to you, so put some of your Fly Predators over there too.

Barb Spalding with Gertie the chicken

Barb Spalding "Chicken Chatting" With Gertie. She laid the light brown egg.

If your chicks are free range, you should be sneaky when spreading your Fly Predators as the chickens will eat them if they haven't hatched. Put them behind a fence the chickens can’t get through, in weeds or planted areas your chicks don’t frequent, or simply place some above chicken level in open sacks or cups. Fly Predators travel up to 150 feet (but closer is better) so there is always a good place to put them on any property.

Fresh Eggs Daily Approved Badge

Lisa's favorite backyard chickens fly control product.



Fly Predators Never Bother People Or Animals.

Once you release Fly Predators, you will never see them.  And, if you start early enough in the season, you won't be seeing flies either.  While Fly Predators stop future flies, they don't affect existing adult flies or the ones flying over from your neighbors.

 Tom and Barb Spalding with a couple of chickens

Tom and Barb Spalding started with backyard chickens in 1982.

You normally start Fly Predators just before you see your first fly. Click here for your recommended starting date. If you've already got a large pest fly population, please note that those flies will live approximately 30 days.  You’ll notice a difference in a few weeks after the first Fly Predator release, but it will take a full month to get rid of the last stinking fly. To speed up that process we suggest fly traps.

For 46 years we've been solving animal owners fly problems the safest, all natural and most effective way, with Fly Predators.