The original BugPellent is a natural solid insect repellent with patented vapor release design.

BugPellent Repels Flies, Mosquitos & Ticks Naturally Without Pesticides

Natural Solid Insect RepellentLast year we met the BugPellent folks who have a very clever, non-toxic and effective product to repel all kinds of insects. By hanging BugPellent units over a stall you can dramatically reduce the flies coming into that stall. The repellency is provided by Essential Oils infused in wax so they slowly are released. The natural Essential oils include; Rosemary, Clove, Cedar, Citronella, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Geraniol and Linseed infused in organic Beeswax and Carnauba. This combination smells great to people, but insects stay away for a month. Buy Now

The recommended usage* is to hang two to four over a stall that has a ceiling. Put one on the outdoor side and one on the breeze way side. Four per stall work best if you have heavy fly pressure coming from neighbors or not using Fly Predators. These need a ceiling to work, so the aromas don’t just go up in the air.BugPellent Natural Solid Insect Repellent refill

The hanging BugPellent unit cost just $13.95 each (A), and a two package refill (B) is $18.95. Even if you have hardly any flies, you might consider the BugPellent to make your barn or kennel smell nicer. However, this does nothing to stop ammonia. You need Bye Bye Odor for that.

BugPellent Recommended location diagram, Typical Barn

BugPellent Gel Repels Ticks and More

The same company makes an Essential Oil Fly & Tick gel that customers who have tested it reported it’s the best they’ve used.BugPellent Natural Mosquito & Tick Repellent Gel

Ticks and fleas were practically nonexistent on dogs as were ticks on horses that had been previously effected. The Gel also repels the large nasty Deer and Horse Flies, House and Stable flies, Black Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats.

For horses apply liberally on the lower leg area around coronet bands and pastern. For dogs, the back of the neck area continuing on the back to the tail and on the legs is best.

The 8 oz. Gel (C) is $7.95, the 16 oz. Gel (D) is $12.95.

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