Sales Tax Info

Sales Tax Info

Your Spalding Shipments Are Now Subject To Sales Tax

If you live in a state that has sales tax you will see this tax listed as a separate item on your invoice. If you are tax exempt, please fax us a copy of your sales tax certificate to 1-866-739-9631. Please make sure the name on the certificate matches the name on your shipping label or account.  You may also scan this form and email to

If you would prefer to fill out and send us an exemption form, you may download that form here

After filling out the form please fax or email to the above number or email address. You may also mail the forms to:

PO Box 778000
Henderson, NV 89077

For questions call 1-888-880-1178.

Any shipments sent prior to us receiving these exemption certificates will be taxed. If we get your document after a shipment has been sent as taxable, as long as we get your exemption certificate prior to the 5th of the following month we will be able to set that shipment to non-taxable and you will receive a credit for the sales tax charged to your credit card on the next shipment.

While no one will greet this message with joy, (unless you work for your state’s tax board), the sales tax has always been due on out of state purchases and should have been remitted as excise tax. Just as Amazon didn’t charge sales tax when they started, but now charge it for many states, we have the same changing requirements. This a trend you will see more of.

For background info on this mail order sales tax issue, the following are shortcuts to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal and another article from Reason Magazine.


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