Free Mary Ann Kennedy's Fabulous CD "It All Starts Here" With Any Purchase!


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Free Mary Ann Kennedy's Fabulous CD "It All Starts Here" With Any Purchase!

 With any order, if you request it, we will include a free copy of Mary Ann Kennedy's "It All Starts Here" CD. Be sure to add this, it is the first item listed on our other products page after you select your Fly Predators.

This 11 song album focuses on many of the universal aspects of horse worship that unite us: starting with the traditional guitar licks of the Anthem style "Born To Ride," to the riveting fiddles and hilarious lyrics of "Horsin' Around" and the guitar pickin' good times expressed in "Hayin' Time". 

 You can listen to the complete Mary Ann Kennedy CD "It All Starts Here"

Mary Ann, a two time Grammy nominee, truly captures the depth of feeling we all share with her gorgeous and touching title song, "It All Starts Here". Inspired and written in tribute to Dr. Robert M. Miller, one of the world's premier visionaries regarding gentle horse breaking and training, Dr. Miller is renowned for his life's work educating folks about Natural Horsemanship and Foal Imprint Training. This heartfelt ballad captures the majestic spirit of Dr. Miller's sensitivity and high minded approach to dealing with our fellow creatures. The song accompanied a compelling and moving video you can see here.

 “Giving our horse customers an absolutely fabulous collection of music about the horses we love is part of our tradition of going above and beyond what customers expect from a vendor”, according to Tom Spalding, the “Chief Fly Guy”. “I hope this will become the favorite CD to put in the truck or on an Ipod when your headed off for a nice ride”.