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Check Out Our New Videos

You’ll find many helpful videos on horsemanship by the Light Hands Horsemanship clinicians in our video section here. We’ve been told that these are perhaps the best videos ever on the subject and we are adding a new one every week.  Click here to view.

Every year we do a longer “Feature” video and the current one is Slide Into Reining with Lyle Lovett, Many McCutcheon, Tim McQuay and Craig Schmersal. Watch it here.  The prior Feature was Introduction to Eventing with Leslie Law and Karen O’Conner. Click here to view Part 1View Part 2 Here

No matter what you do with horses, everyone likes Mackinac Island.  The only place in the world where cars are banned, and horses provide ALL the transportation and delivery services. Even UPS is horse powered. It’s a magical step back in time. View it here.

Tom Spalding

  • Nice web cite...even I can get around it. Thanks for sharing the the videos and supplying a superior product. Julie Renfro-Cross