Welcome to our new website. As you’ve noticed it’s quite different than before, but the most important new feature will come alive over the next few months. This is because it’s also a "community" or "social media" website. This will provide a far more effective way to share information, not just about our products, but also a wide gamut of horse subjects (later other animals too) from top experts like our Light Hands Horsemanship clinicians, veterinarians and the entire equine community. That means YOU and we encourage your participation.

If you are a customer, click the login icon at the top of the home page. Use the same email address that we send notifications to as your user name, click lost password and we’ll email a link to change your password. If you are not a customer, click the create account icon.  You are still welcomed in this community.

You do not need to log in to view forums, but one is needed to add posts or ask a question. The community is only a week old as of early December 2012 so activity from members is just starting. We will also be adding many cool new features in the next few months so check back regularly. A major new feature will be our media gallery which should be up before Christmas. This will supplement our YouTube videos and allow community members to be able to add videos and photos as well. 

When the media gallery upgrade is done many new videos by the Light Hands Horsemanship clinicians and Dr. Robert M. Miller as well as our Slide Into Reining video featuring Lyle Lovett, Tim McQuay, Mandy McCutcheon and Craig Schmersal will be available.  There are over 20 videos now on our YouTube channel viewable at the Spalding Media tab.  If you haven’t seen those check them out.

Our goal is to make this the most helpful and most fun place on the internet for horse owners.  Please join us in making that happen.