Talking with Sherrylynn Johnson is sometimes like talking to a computer – a really nice, very personable, friendly computer. Ask her where she and her husband, renowned calf roper Mike Johnson, are heading over the next few days, weeks or months and she’ll rattle off the list of cities complete with departure and arrival times in each. Probe a little further and she can tell you drive times, the amount of gas it will take and sightseeing stops along the way. Ask her, “You keep all this written down somewhere right?” She’ll just giggle in reply and say, “No.” For those of us that have difficulty remembering the five things to pick up at the grocery, this is just amazing.

The Johnsons have had a tough year on the road. It seems sometimes that bad luck has picked the wrong couple to pester. If you’ve been following these blogs you know Mike recovered from a knee injury, they’ve had a truck break down in the rain, in the mountains in the middle of the night. On another occasion the ball hitch broke. Sherrylynn broke her thumb and had it taped so she could race and at another event she zigged, her horse zagged, and she ended up with a dislocated shoulder. Most recently Mike had his thumb nearly cut off when the wind caught the screen door of their trailer when his hand was in the jamb. To hear Sherrylynn tell the story in greater detail will leave you grasping the hair on either side of your head like a scene out of a Hitchcock thriller, and moaning, “ughhhh.”

The Johnsons are pros in the arena and certainly outside of it too. They are pros not just from their successes but also from their attitude. They seemingly take these events in stride and literally “hop back in the saddle” and get back to competing.

At the very start of October Sherrylynn was in great spirits. They had been to Denver during the Bronco’s first game, got tickets and saw Peyton Manning’s first game with them. She was thrilled and could likely cite football stats in as much detail as their travel schedule.

The new rodeo season had just started a few days earlier and she rambled off the list of cities they were heading to. Tulsa, Leesville, Bonifay, Hempstead, Rosenburg, Dallas, Riverton, Billings, Lincoln, Tampa, Indiantown, Mobile, Shreveport and then also clinics in Burdette, Alberta, Canada and California. Bam Bam, Turnpike, Penny and their dog Popper Dot (who has more attitude than a little dog should be allowed) were all ready to start the new season and get out on the road. Whew! finally, a blog about the Johnsons that was just about the fun and joy of competing and living the rodeo life.

It was less than 36 hours later when the phone rang early in the morning. “Hi, it’s Sherrylynn.” She didn’t sound quite right.

“Hi, what’s going on?”

“I’ve had an accident.”

The absolutely amazing thing was that here she was, in the hospital, waiting for a surgeon, but calling because she had listed all the places they’d be for this blog and didn’t want people to expect to see them and then not be there. Chalk it up to heavy medication but who worries about that when you’re in the hospital after an accident with a horse? She went on to say that she would be at the clinics, just in a chair, not riding. But she was certain she could help those attending by watching from the chair.

In a recent blog Sherrylynn talked about how much she and Mike enjoyed doing clinics and helping other people. It’s a theme that comes through with them time and time again. Here was another clear example of how important that is to them.

The good news is in less than a week Sherrylynn was out of the hospital and already in Riverton, Wyoming doing a clinic from her chair. On Facebook a friend commented, “You are one tough cowgirl.” That really summed it up.

If you’re heading to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this year stop by the Spalding Labs booth at the MGM and meet Sherrylynn and Mike. You can always learn more about Fly Predators, Bye Bye Odor, the new Cow•Vac and fly traps while you’re hanging around. Mike is the Calf Roping Director of NFR so you’ll certainly see him around the competition area too.

At the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo you can also catch Sherrylynn and Mike spending time with the kids from Western Wishes. This nonprofit organization strives to lift the spirits of children and young adults faced with adversity who live and love the western way of life. Mike and Sherrylynn have been involved with the organization for three years and love meeting these kids and teaching them to ride and rope. You can find out more about Western Wishes at

Also coming up on December 21st and 22nd is the “Mike Johnson's Worlds Richest Calf Roping and Sherrylynn Johnson's Invitational Barrel Race.” The calf roping portion of the event is in its 18th year. It’s a great event because folks in the area can see some of the best cowboys and cowgirls in the world. Competing will be about 80 of the top ropers and 50 of the top barrel racers. There is $100,000 paid in calf roping, winners in both events win saddles and about 3,000 – 4,000 people will attend. This year there’s going to be fantasy teams and it’s going to be webcast. There’s also going to lots of vendors and it’s right before the holidays so it’s an ideal spot to do last minute shopping. The event is held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Find out more by visiting

Check back here on for more stories from the road about the Johnsons. Sherrylynn is sure to heal fast and we’ll be eagerly awaiting her return to the arena.

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