2012 was the 6th year for Light Hands Horsemanship (LHH) and like previous years it sold out early. The world is learning that Light Hands Horsemanship is an unequaled opportunity to learn from some of the top clinicians in the world. It spanned the globe again this year with attendees from Canada, Australia, Hungary, Mexico, Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Scotland. People attended from 16 states as well. It is a small, intimate event that gives attendees the chance to meet and talk one-on-one with the presenters, ask their individual questions and learn how to improve their communication with their horse.

All the presenters at Light Hands Horsemanship are unique in their background, their techniques and their approach. But they are very consistent in their focus and goal of creating “lightness” in their horses. Lightness is the cornerstone if this event. It is what each presenter strives for from the first time they touch a horse through that horse’s advanced training. Attendees are taught about creating lightness in horses from beginning work, introductory work, advanced work and the finishing stages.

Featured this year were presenters Dr. Robert Miller and Rick Lamb. Both gave lectures throughout the event. Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Richard Winters, Jon Ensign, Lester Buckley and Jack Brainard returned. Each of these presenters is very accomplished and more information about each can be found at lighthandshorsemanship.com and at their individual websites (links can be found on the LHH site). More importantly, each presenter at Light Hands Horsemanship is an excellent teacher. They all have an innate ability to explain a concept, point out subtleties in movement and horse behavior, to simplify the complex and all with a sense of humor and lots of entertainment.

Light Hands Horsemanship was fortunate to add Sheila Varian and Leslie Desmond to the lineup this year. Sheila shared her Vaquero Horsemanship knowledge and Leslie was a perfect fit for LHH since her main goal is “to teach others how to teach their students to develop a reliable partnership that is based on feel.”
There is no doubt people come to Light Hands Horsemanship each year to learn how to create lightness in their horse too. But there’s more to the event than horses. There is a Museum of the Cowboy Tour and a tour of the Intrepid Museum Collection. Every day features Santa Maria Style BBQ with treats like Kobe burgers, oak grilled prime rib, white cheddar and sage popovers and endless popcorn, tea, water and coffee.

Tall Tales is now an annual event where the presenters share stories, tell jokes and have fun with each other and the audience. There was also a sing-a-long this year. Richard Winters does a Sunday morning service each year as well.

The 7th Annual Light Hands Horsemanship is already scheduled for May 30 – June 2, 2013. The past years have sold out early so keep a close eye on lighthandshorsemanship.com and spalding-labs.com for registration information.

Spalding Labs has sponsored Light Hands Horsemanship since the very first year. Through products like Fly Predators, Fly Traps and Bye Bye Odor, Spalding Labs provides the tools needed for healthier and happier horses. Through ongoing support of Light Hands Horsemanship, Spalding Labs provides the means to a healthier and happier relationship too.