The Johnsons have had a busy spring.

If you'’ve followed the blogs about the Johnson you already know that they’re committed to rodeo as well as sharing their expertise with all ages through clinics. Their clinic schedule seems grueling and so does their competitive schedule. Combine the two and it’s just incredible how busy these two are.

From April 4th through the 14th they facilitated a clinic in three different cities in Canada on every single day. They had a day of driving on the 15th and were in Nevada for two days doing a clinic on barrel racing and goat tying. Mike headed to Indiana and Sherrylynn went to Mississippi for the 17th and 18th. In mid May the Johnsons were in California doing a clinic on calf roping, breakaway roping and barrel racing.

Traveling as much as the Johnsons do and choosing a rodeo career comes with expected mishaps and injuries. But sometimes just nasty old bad luck strikes too.

On April 20th Mike competed in the Red Bluff Round-Up tying his calf in 8.3 seconds and finishing 2nd in the final round. The next day he stepped out of their trailer and had his hand at the doorjamb when a gust of wind blew slamming the door shut and severing the end of his left thumb between the joint and the nail. Sherrylynn wrapped it and they headed to the hospital but got stuck in parade traffic on the way.

Eventually they got to the hospital where the local doctors did a good job of setting the bone and stitching him up. After a few weeks off while it healed Mike headed back to roping.

On their way to the Redding Rodeo, near Norco, California their trailer’s ball broke, the gooseneck punctured the gas tank and the drive train was broken. If you’re familiar with trucks and hitches you’ll know that they just don’t break. How or why this one broke is hard to say. This might sound like bad luck for the Johnsons but considering the gas tank was punctured and what “could have” happened, good luck may have been with them this time.

Mike and Sherrylynn headed to Canada and enjoyed some cooler weather and kept busy as usual. Mike tied for third at the Daines Ranch Rodeo in Innifail, Alberta earning $5,123. Through late June the Johnsons will be in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

Through July the Johnsons will be in Canada and eight different states, a few of them more than once. If you look at their schedule they actually have 6 days in July scheduled as “open”. They are not listed as “off” or “vacation” days. It would not be surprising if when we check back in with them if those few “open” days didn’t get filled with a clinic or a rodeo. Maybe, just maybe, Mike and Sherrylynn will take those few days and see a local sporting event or do some sightseeing.

Spalding Labs is proud to have Mike and Sherrylynn use, share and endorse Bye Bye Odor. They both are great ambassadors for the product and great folks all around too.

Check back to read more about the Johnsons and their rodeo life.