“Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse’s Mind” Now Available


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“Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse’s Mind” Now Available

Spalding Labs and Dr. Miller started their relationship 33 years ago when he first inquired about Fly Predators and so, as a very special bonus to Spalding Lab’s customers, a special edition of his Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse’s Mind, is free with your order if you request it. This best selling book sells for $20.

It’s a great value and resource for horse owners. Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse’s Mind explains why horses do what they do. Every horse person will find in it valuable nuggets of “horse sense”.

Western Horseman publisher, Darrell Dodds, describes this book saying, “If I were to recommend one book to a horse owner it is this book”. “It provides a fundamental knowledge of how the horse perceives its world or how a horse processes stimuli.” Darrell also says, “You owe it to yourself and your horses to give this book a read. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

Get your copy today and share it with friends. When you place your order for Fly Predators simply check the box for the “Secrets book”. You will find it listed first on the “additional items” page.

Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse’s Mind is a book that will become a mainstay in your personal library of horse books and will become worn and dog-eared over the years as you reference it time and time again.


  • This is truly an eye opening book. Thank you so much for sending it to me. I think every student of horsemanship (and the horses they are in contact with) can benefit from reading this book. How could I obtain additional copies ?