Rodeos can have their triumphs.

The end of July found the Johnsons in the mountains of Eagle, Colorado. J.T. is back from time off, feeling good and loving what he’s doing. Sherrylynn and J.T. won at Eagle with a time of 17.48 and barrel racing titles at the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo and the San Luis Valley Ski-Hi Stampede in Monte Vista. 

Mike Johnson, a 23-time Wrangler NFR qualifier, and Bam Bam placed in Eagle and won the tie-down roping at Steamboat Springs with a time of 10.9 seconds.

The Johnsons took a day off and then headed to Great Falls, Montana. They were happy to be in Montana where it was much cooler than in their home state where the temperatures were reaching 105 plus.

Traveling can have its troubles.

At 3 o’clock in the morning on August 5th the Johnson’s truck broke down in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the rain and the mountains is no place to break down – especially in the middle of the night. With help from the police the horses were taken to the fairgrounds and Mike and Sherrylynn waited for the local truck dealership to open.

Fortunately a friend loaned a truck the next day and Sherrylynn took off driving and Mike hopped a plane to the next rodeo. 

Sherrylynn picked Mike up in Denver in the middle of the night and they drove to the next rodeo, arriving at 7 a.m. for an 8 a.m. slack. Sherrylynn caught a barrel on the first round and won the second round with J.T. an hour later in 103-degree heat.

Mike made the top ten in Dodge City with Bam Bam and moved on to rope in the finals.

Mid August found the Johnsons in Casper, Wyoming at a repair shop with the truck getting its brakes worked on. In addition to the previous breakdown they had traveled down a steep decline in the mountains and at night. It’s not the type of driving that makes a rodeo road trip much fun.

Mike headed to Billings, Montana then Douglas and then on to Steamboat Springs. Sherrylynn went on to Kalispell, Montana. On the 21st, Mike flew to Spokane, Washington where Sherrylynn met him with the rig and the horses. While there their vet flew in to check on the horses before the last important month of the season. 

While on the road the Johnsons keep their truck and trailer smelling fresh with Bye Bye Odor. Using Bye Bye Odor in the trailer not only helps keep it smelling fresh but also keeps the ammonia levels reduced. Bye Bye Odor has helped J.T. with his allergies and has helped him improve his performance. Read previous blogs about the Johnson’s adventures and about how Bye Bye Odor makes a difference for J.T.

Check back for more updates on the Johnson during their last month of competition for the season. Let’s hope they continue on with their rodeo triumphs and have less of the truck troubles.