Pat Parelli is one of the best-known trainers of our time. With clinics, horse training education programs, and the Parelli Program with countless members, he has become the driving force in a more natural approach to horsemanship.

Pat's career with horses began early while working in stables when he was just nine years old. At the age of 17, he started competing in rodeos with his favorite event being bareback riding. Pat loved to study horses and horsemanship and began to develop his own style of teaching and expanding on general principles. He discovered he had a talent for finding the right words to explain horses so he turned his attention to helping their owners.

In the late 1980's Pat Parelli and Dr. Robert M. Miller met at one of Pat’s bridle-less demonstrations. Dr. Miller is a world-renowned speaker and author on horse behavior and natural horsemanship. He is also father of the technique known as "imprint training" in foals. Naturally, Dr. Miller recognized a strong alignment with his own philosophies and with Pat’s. He predicted that by the time Pat Parelli reached age 40, he would be one of the best horsemen and teachers the world had known. Dr. Miller obviously had good foresight.

Both Pat Parelli and Dr. Miller have been Fly Predator customers for many years and Spalding Labs is proud to continue our partnership with both of them.

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