Fly Predators are the best solution to most of the flies that bother your horses and other animals if those flies are coming from your animals. But for those flies your neighbor is sending your way or for the few your Fly Predators have missed traps can help your summer be even more fly free.

Neighbors can be a quick resource for an egg, a cup of sugar, and an extra hand when needed. They can also be great at producing flies on their property if they have animals and don't use Fly Predators nor do much picking up. Their flies can travel 1/4 mile or more. 

Telling your neighbors about Fly Predators and getting them to use them is the best solution for all. Our single biggest source of new customers is a referral from a current customer. And we'll thank those referring customers by giving them a "Good Neighbor" doubled up Bonus shipment. 

But if your neighbors resist, then Plan B is to place traps on the property line between you. You'll have to use traps for their flies and Fly Predators for yours.

Like so many things, traps are most effective when used correctly. Fly Traps fall into three categories: odor traps, sticky traps and biting stable fly traps. Odor traps cause the most confusion. It seems logical to put traps, regardless of type, where you see the most flies, which is often around the barn. That works fine for sticky and biting stable fly traps but with odor traps it’s a big oopsie. They bring flies in from a wide area, so you'll actually be attracting more flies to your barn than would be there without that odor trap. So odor traps should be put in places where you don't mind flies. Read more about the kinds of traps we offer and the best advice about use and placement on this website in the Traps section.

These traps are the best you’ll find because of a combination of effectiveness, ease of use; being reusable or disposable … we even include gloves with each order. Get the best performing traps and have them delivered to your door at great prices direct from Spalding.