"Within days of starting to use Bye-Bye Odor, our barn smelled terrific".

Spalding Labs Bye Bye Odor was awarded with the Horse Journal’s Best Buy Award in the October issue.

The Horse Journal is a prestigious publication and is considered the consumer’s guide for horse owners. Product evaluations are based on field trials, research and experience. The publication does not accept commercial advertising and therefore is completely independent of influence. The Horse Journal makes recommendations on products they feel will best serve their readers with “back-to-the-basics” philosophy on training, nutrition and horse care.

The October article explained the seriousness of ammonia gases due to animal urine and waste. It described how prompt removal of waste and proper ventilation were helpful. Although, even in the best situations it is not likely that all ammonia causing material will be removed, especially if you have a dirt or clay floor or mats where urine can seep in between.

The Horse Journal did a thorough study reviewing common products such as lime, pine oil and kitty litter as well as six commercial products. In the Bye Bye Odor review the editors stated that once they had used the product for a couple of days they “became nearly addicted to using this spray.” They also used Bye Bye Odor to deodorize equipment and noted that the smaller Ready-To-Use bottle would be more suited for smaller items like pet stains and boots.