Gearing up for Mother's Day!

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April showers bring May flowers! -Spalding Labs eNews Team

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

GinnyAll moms are special. Horsey moms are extra, extra special. Here's 7 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas for all the awesome horse trailering, picture taking, maxing the golf cart capacity at horse camp, spending hours in the sun and sand for all her kiddos out there! Thanks to long time Fly Predator customer DevonWood Equestrian Center for this terrific LOL horse camp photo!

Importance of Hay Chaff

chaffAnother player on the fly breeding scene is damp hay chaff. Remember to pick up things like grass clippings, clumps of dead weeds, and especially hay chaff in areas it may become damp from ground moisture, 2 to 3 days of rain, urine, or water tanks. Hay chaff is a something so often overlooked yet so important to clean up off the ground around outdoor feeding or simply from... → Continue Reading

Quick Tip - Four Steps To Fly Free
1. Identify The Fly - Determine what kind and where
2. Stop Future Flies - Clean up and use Fly Predators
3. Get Adult Flies - Catch adult flies with the proper traps
4. Don't Invite More - Eliminate odors with Bye Bye Odor
Read a thorough version of these quick tips by clicking here.

- Spalding eNews Team -

Cowboy Dressage Body Aides with Eitan

EitanLearn more about how to ride with your body and less with your reins in this video with Cowboy Dressage trainer, Eitan Beth-Halachmy. Watch Eitan's Video →