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Happy April & Happy Earth Day! Spalding Labs eNews Team

Earth Day. Every Day with Fly Predators!

Ric Horst ImageTruly it's Earth Day every day with Fly Predators... Fly Predators were green before green was cool! These tiny beneficial insects kill flies before they emerge, naturally. Fly Predators are nature’s own enemy of all common manure and rotting organic matter breeding pest flies, including the common house fly, horn fly, biting stable fly and lesser house fly. They serve as a major check of pest fly populations by destroying the next generation of flies in their immature pupa (cocoon) stage. Fly Predators never become a pest themselves and because of their small size and the fact they live their entire life cycle on or near manure (where the pest fly pupa are typically found), Fly Predators go virtually unnoticed. Be Green!.. Re-order your Fly Predators Now. Special thanks to Richard Horst Photography for this beautiful image!

Path To Earth Friendly Equine Practices

PathIt's almost Earth Day but shouldn't it be Earth Day everyday as a practice? There's many simple things you can do around the stable to be more sustainably minded. We love our horses and offer them the best of care but for an animal that would naturally grazes 23 hours a day, many of us pull them from that environment, apply pesticides, lotions to make them shine, and spray chemicals on our pastures for improved quality of forage. Here's a few helpful tips that can reduce ur “hoof print” on the planet... → Continue Reading

Biting Midges, Gnats, and Mosquitoes
Some of you are already seeing and others will soon be seeing the biting midges, gnats, and mosquitoes that also come with spring. Try to get rid of standing water and drying up muddy areas (to the best of your ability) can help reduce some of these pests. For those pests, try Mosquito Torpedoes and as always, if you have questions or a problem with a bug and you're not sure what it is, call us at 800-737-2753!

Happy Spring!
- Spalding eNews Team -

Customer Spotlight on Martha Taylor

Martha TaylorThe Spalding Team was recently at Road to the Horse and Martha Taylor stopped at our booth to renew her Fly Predator order. She stopped by our booth everyday of the event... just to say hi! We are so happy to share this sweet testimonial video. Hope you enjoy her lovely smile and kind words as much as we did! Watch Martha's Video →