Happy Spring Equinox! It's officially Springtime!

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Cheers to a fly free spring! Spalding Labs eNews Team

If You Haven't Re-ordered Yet... Now's The Time!

Renew Fly PredatorsDon't be bugged! If you haven't placed your renewal for this season of Fly Predators, don't wait. It's best to start Fly Predators before you see your first fly! The optimum time to start for your area is when the daytime highs get into the 60’s. It’s always before the flies are a problem. By starting prior to the first fly hatch there will be relatively few viable fly pupae that survived the winter so the ratio of Fly Predators to fly pupae is high. This allows the Fly Predators to reduce the initial fly breeding population to a very low level which can mean fewer flies all summer.

Meet Reining's 1st Million Dollar Man

McQuayInternational reiner, Tim McQuay is a long time Fly Predator customer. He is interviewed on the latest episode of HorseGirlTV®. McQuay got started in reining in the 70s and earned his first National Reining Horse Association money in 1978. That landmark event came at the NRHA Futurity when it was still held in Columbus, Ohio. → Find out more.

Get Control Of Your Horse & Deer Flies
Horse & Deer Flies are of the Tabanid family and are the largest flies with a most painful bite. Horses will do anything to get away from them. Since they are water breeders, Fly Predators cannot stop their reproduction. The only control available are specialty traps, like the H-Trap Fly Trap, which are designed to attract Tabanid flies.

Happy Spring Equinox!
- Spalding eNews Team -

5 Tips To Get Fit For Spring Riding

Get FitAh the irony... The core of our strengths, as riders, are our all important core muscles. Aids don’t originate, or at least they shouldn’t, from the hand, seat or leg. Proper aids should originate from the core THEN reach out to the areas of the bodies where most believe they begin. If you’re handy enough to ride a seriously sensitive horse you’ll discover that with the focus on tightening the core and sitting deep in the saddle, your properly trained partner will glide into a halt or if you give it a half an ounce of a tightening and a slight sit, your mount will respond with a corresponding tempo control otherwise known as the infamous and mysterious half halt. Want to improve core strenth? There are heaps of simple exercises to improve your riding one can do around the stable especially while... Continue Reading →