You will likely see flies sooner than normal this season.
Be prepared!

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Happy almost Spring! Spalding Labs eNews Team

Flies Likely Emerging Sooner This Season!

Renew Fly PredatorsHave you reordered your Fly Predators yet? BE PREPARED!.. Much of the country east of an arc from Arizona to Michigan for the Southern states to is forecast to be "Much Above Average" and for Northern to Eastern states "Above Average." Also, make sure you have the right traps for your needs, and some fly spray on hand for when you're trail riding or heading to a show.

Pick The Right Trap For The Job

Spalding Labs Fly TrapsAll fly traps are not created equal! It's paramount to pick the right trap for the right job. For example, you can put up a zillion House Fly Traps and your animals will still be eaten up by Biting Stable Flies. To make sure you are using the correct fly traps for your specific needs, read this article.

Biting Stable Fly Tips
Biting Stable Flies breed in moist areas. You can mitigate their population by regularly removing rotting organic matter, manure, old hay bales, etc., increasing your beneficial insect populations (AKA Fly Predators) near the breeding areas, and placing Stable Fly Traps near breeding areas or between you and these areas. To learn more about the Biting Stable Fly and see more tips, click here.

Happy Spring!
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Frozen In Your Tracks By Winter Stable Smell?

Winter HorsesIf your barn is a bit stinky from being closed up all winter consider adding Bye Bye Odor to your order to freshen things up. Bye Bye Odor is a safe and natural solution formulated to extensively reduce or eliminate a wide range of odors associated with animal urine and manure. Learn More →