Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

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Wishing you the happiest of holidays! -Spalding eNews Team

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Quick Tip - Winter Biting
Remember the boy that gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole in the charming holiday classic, A Christmas Story? Yeah, well... that’s your horse with a cold bit. :-( Make biting always a comfortable experience and keep your horse happy to take the bit by keeping a crock pot with warm water in your tack stall. Allow the bit to warm up in the water, check to make sure it’s not too hot, then finishing your tack up and enjoy your wintery ride

- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

angelsAngels on Horsebackangels

AbsorbineAngels on Horseback is a long time Fly Predator customer offering therapeutic horseback riding and other equine activities that provide many physical benefits, including improved strength, flexibility, muscle tone and motor skill development. Learn more about this amazing program and what they have to say about Fly Predators... Click Here >>

present7 Last Minute Gift Ideaspresent

Oh my! Where has 2016 gone? It’s already time for holiday shopping? Here’s a few simple ideas for gift giving to your favorite equestrian or equine!.. For your favorite equestrian, give them a gift certificate from your favorite tack store (OR order them Fly Predators!), a braiding kit, boot cleaning kit, a bottle... Continue Reading >>