What happens in July, stays in July!

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Summer is in full swing and we hope you're enjoying a fly free one! Ride on!

beer Featured Customer: Milkhouse Brewerybeer

breweryMilkhouse Brewery has been using Spalding’s Fly Predators for several seasons now noticing a night and day difference yet Tom and Carolann were far from newbies to Fly Predators. They have been Spalding Labs customers for 15 years now first beginning with their horses at Stillpoint Farm then with their small flock of Leicester Long Wool sheep. Therefore it was a no brainer when they started noticing flies at the Brewery, especially during tour and tasting hours to begin using Fly Predators there as well. Continue reading →

logo'Getting Control Over Deer Flieslogo

statueDeer flies are water breeders and can travel long distances, making them impossible to control in their larval stages. However, there are a few ways to help keep them away from you. Want to learn about getting a handle on your deer flies? Continue Reading →

Cowboys have some terrific superstitions. One of which is that yellow is an unlucky color… A guy came by the Spalding Fly Predators booth that the World Championships a few years back and Mr. Delmar Smith jokingly asked him, “Hey did you get your lucky yellow pocket knife?” The guy replied, “No,” yet ended up taking a Spalding yellow knife with him. This same guy went on to win that night as well as winning the World Championship that year. His name is Chad Masters. The next year Chad made a point to stop by the Spalding Fly Predators booth first thing and ask, “Hey, can I get another one of them lucky yellow knives?” He won again! It became the talk of the rodeo to go get one of those lucky yellow knifes from the folks at the Spalding Fly Predators booth.
A new tradition and superstition was born!

- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

bikiniRosetta Stone, Bikinis, & Moonwalkers...bikini

moonwalkWhat does the hot summer fun loving bikini, the Rosetta Stone, and the saying "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind" have in common? Find out in our fun off topic feature for July! Continue reading →

bboWildest Bye Bye Odor Story WINS bbo

giraffeWant a chance to win a free concentrate 4oz. bottle of Bye Bye Odor? Easy! Just share this post with your comment/story of your wildest use for Bye Bye Odor and those with the most unique uses will WIN! Don't use Facebook but still want to submit to win? Just email us your wildest use of Bye Bye Odor!