It's sum, sum, sum, summer time!

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Yahoo! It's the beginning of summer! Keep cool & ride on!
   -Happy SL eNews Team

egg When can you start EggsPecting?egg

eggspectingIt seems horse girl-ing and chicken ladies can go hand-in-hand. For those of you with your first flock, the waiting can seems like forever. Trust me though... they will start laying! On average, pullets start laying eggs at about... Continue Reading →

logo'Cowboy Christmas' Customer Spotlightlogo

statueEveryone knows Christmas is in December but for professional rodeo riders like Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson, Christmas usually comes a little bit early... While you won’t see tiny little elves scampering about or a jolly fat man in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, you will see lots of dust, leather, and some of that green stuff. Yes, "Cowboy Christmas” kicks off at the top of July and means lots of green “get the money” possibilities to rodeo riders far and wide. Simply put... Continue Reading →

Where can biting flies come from?
Biting flies like midges and no-see-ums come from muddy ground and some species from water, so for these flies, try to keep areas dry by making sure you have good drainage, and fix any leaking water hoses and water tanks. Biting stable flies develop in decaying moist vegetation like hay chaff, lawn clippings, dead weeds, etc. Be sure to compost grass clippings and weeds from weed eating or spread them thin to dry. Clean out mower decks and grass collection bags each time you mow.

- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

heartOff Topic: Great Summer Readsheart

flyIt’s not often you have a friend who writes a great book. Remarkably, our very own Tom Spalding finds himself with two dear friends who have written new books, one of which has recently made the NY Times Best Seller List!

Artist and author Susan Branch, who’s sold over 4 million books, has just released the 16th book of her collection: Martha’s Vineyard: Isle of Dreams. Her novel immediately became a best seller.

Cliff Branch’s American Made: Reflections of a Boomer details the triumphs and tribulations of the Boomer Generation. Both are fabulous reads with amazing graphics. Continue Reading how these tie into Spalding Labs...

jumpManaging Ticks & Fleas All Summer Longjump

New Spring FarmsDo you ever feel like you live in the flea and tick capital of the world? Most places, summers are not only sweltering but filled with a plethora of pesky insects! Here's a tip for easy and safe way to manage fleas and ticks all summer long!