Ready for Memorial Day? Honoring our veterans.

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To all our veterans & military families... Thank you for your service!
   -Happy SL eNews Team

logo Meet War Horse Hero, Sgt Recklesslogo

Sgt RecklessThe story of Reckless is not only remarkable - it is unusual. And once you learn about her, you will see why the Marine Corps not only fell in love with her - but honored her and promoted her every chance they got. You can learn about the immortalization of Sgt Reckless and win free autographed copied of Robbin Hutton's book, Sgt Reckless, + our grand prize autographed Sgt Reckless Breyer Model! Enter Here

logoThe Military Origins of Dressagelogo

statueHeavy horses carried the knights of the middle ages in full armor. As modes of warfare changed, the type of horse changed with it, giving way to the lighter horse used for the cavalry. The hot blooded breeds, such as the Arabian and Thoroughbred, were introduced to add swiftness and greater maneuverability to the cold blooded, heavy horses of the armored knights. The resulting “warmbloods” formed the basis for most of the breeds most commonly successful in dressage today. Read more →

What's the most common mistake people make with traps?
Putting stinky traps TOO CLOSE to the barn... Why? Click here to learn more + which traps to use and where to put them!

- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

flyFlies You Don't Need To Worry Aboutfly

flyWhen we think of flies, we typically think of annoying insects however there are many flies out there that are not bothersome. Click here to read about a few flies you might find around your farm or stable which area actually beneficial insects!

jumpNew Spring Farm Eventing Trakehnersjump

New Spring FarmsWatch this terrific video about our customer New Spring Farm in Columbia, Missouri! Owners, Tim and Cheryl Holekamp breed and train Olympic level Trakehner Eventing horses. This film explores their methods and offers a fascinating insight into the historic lineage of their champion stallion, Windfall. Similar to dressage, the Olympic horse sport of eventing also boasts military origins.