It's Almost Mom's Special Day! Let's celebrate!

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To all the human and horse moms out there! Happy Day! -Happy SL eNews Team

It All Starts Here, A Tribute To Imprint Training

millerEnjoy this wonderful video of Mary Ann Kennedy’s tribute song to Dr. Robert M. Miller, "It All Starts Here." The song tells the story about his life’s work explaining Natural Horsemanship and imprint training. This was from the first performance of this song at our Light Hands Horsemanship Event, designed as a surprise to Dr. Miller. The little mule foal near the start is Scooter which is the same mule Dr. Miller is riding many years later.

Homemade, Horse Show Friendly Treats For Mom!

cakeHorse show moms are pretty awesome. Lessons. Vet calls. Early mornings. Late nights. Volunteering. All these things and more while running a household and probably being your biggest cheerleader too! Show your amazing horsey mom just how much you love her by making this tasty HorseGirl friendly muffin! They are super for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and freeze well to take for away horse shows!

Spring Generally Brings Lots of Rain...
Spring, in many places, brings a lot of rain. Rain can result in an upsurge of flies. More rain equals more decaying material staying wet longer and improving fly larval survivability. To compensate for heavy rains, especially those followed by heat, consider increasing your following shipment of Fly Predators OR moving to a 3 week schedule for a couple shipments. Email to make changes or call 800.737.2753.

- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

Grooming Tips With Lester Buckley

Lester BucleyCould you or your horse show mom use a brush up on your grooming skills? Grooming is large part of working with horses. Master horseman, Lester Buckley teaches you not only how to properly groom a horse but likewise the reasons it's necessary. Great little nuggets of information for beginners to advanced horse lovers. Watch the video now!

Customer Spotlight Kelly from Georgia

Kelly L., Waycross, Georgia"I should have started years ago with Fly Predators! We have 11-15 Horses at a time so fly control has been a daily chore with out much success until Fly Predators! Our 3rd month marked the most noticeable changes!"

-Kelly L., Waycross, Georgia

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