Earth Day is in April,
so this issue we're thinking extra green!

Featured in this issue:

Wishing you an environmentally friendly Earth Day! -Happy SL eNews Team

Michael Martin Murphey Earth Day Texas Concert!

MurphWhat Michael Martin Murphey fans may not know about him is that he is an avid spokesmen on behalf of many causes, including Earth Day Texas, the world’s largest annual forum for sharing the latest initiatives, innovations and products currently reshaping our environment. This FREE, 3 day event is being held from 10 AM to 6 PM, April 22nd-24th 2016, in Fair Park Dallas, Texas and will offer live music, a sustainable beer & food pavilion and a number of fun-filled activities the entire family can enjoy. Learn more here about this terrific event!

How To Use Biological Fly Control,
Fly Predators

zaraMaybe you've been using Fly Predators for years or maybe this is your first year?.. Regardless we think you'll find splendidly helpful nuggets in this short and informative video How To Use Fly Predators. Have you reordered yet? Click here to reorder if not! Have you reordered but forgot to request your free RMM or Kenneth Wyatt calendar? Just email us & we'll get one right out to you!

Naturally Combat Biting Midges
Culicoides are the most common type of biting midges folks deal with, though there are other species in the US. All breed in muddy and/or semi-aquatic environments. There is not a good way to control larval breeding sites and adults disperse 1 to 10 miles from the larval habitat, depending on species. They leave quite large welts on most horses, and often go for the ears. For people they tend to swarm the face, but bite on the arms and legs. They are often combatted with pesticides but a green option is rubbing pure vanilla extract on the belly, around the eyes, and on the ears of your horses.

- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

ultra shield

Green Fly Repellant Options

In lieu of spraying dangerous pesticides here's two green options we recommend to repel flies for when you're perhaps out on the trail or at a neighboring stable. The BugPellent is a very clever, non-toxic and effective product to repel all kinds of insects. BugPellent's combination of essential oils smells great to people, but insects stay away for a month. Our spray of choice is UltraShield® Green. It is ecological and safe for you and your family. Besides keeping bugs off, it smells good and leaves a shiny coat. UltraShield Green is also available as a Gel that you can apply to a wound to keep flies off or to dog's ears.

5 Tips To Green Up Your Horse Life

horsesYou’re a horse lover so you’re well aware of how much the care and enjoyment of horses can impact our environment. For an animal that naturally grazes 23 hours a day, many of us pull them from that environment, apply pesticides, lotions to make them shine, and spray chemicals on our pastures to improve the quality of their forage. There’s many ways to reduce your horses “hoof print” on our planet that are super easy and cost effective too! Read 5 Tips To Green Up Your Horse Life.

Lester Buckley

Tribute to Sheila Varian

Sheila's last request was to have her stallion Major Mac ridden out in a California hackamore. Lester Buckley made this video for Sheila to watch. It was the perfect time of year. Major Mac loved his new job that will become his legacy at Sheila's request. This video was exactly what Sheila watched in sweet relief the week before she passed away. She asked that it be made available, with no alterations, for others to see. Click here to watch the video. RIP Sheila.