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March into a glorious Spring 2016! Spalding Labs eNews Team

Don't Walk. Run To Reorder Fly Predators!

running horsesHave you reordered your Fly Predators yet? It will be warmer than usual this spring for much of the country and in the south it will be wetter than normal thus, all-around perfect conditions for lots of flies. Make sure you have your Fly Predator order in, that you have the right traps for your needs, and some fly spray on hand for when you're trail riding.

iconRichard Winters & Road to the Horseicon

Richard WintersThis critically acclaimed TV personality, clinician, author, and competitor is an honest and humble representation of what all modern day cowboys and true horsemen should aspire to be. This month he takes a bid at Road to the Horse, his first time competing in this world renowned colt staring championship since he won it in 2009! Learn more in our Journey to Road to the Horse and Beyond, An Interview with Richard Winters.

9 Steps To Showing Success
Local, national, international—it doesn’t matter—the team it takes to excel in horse sport remains the same. More often than not, it is described as a sport based on the individual or the horse-and-rider pair. But it’s vastly more complex than that. I learned that success in competition takes an ambitious rider, a talented horse, a collection of consummate professionals and generous support, all united to achieve the same goal. Success is where hard work meets opportunity. Read, Know How To Assemble Your Team And Plan For Show Success!

- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

Biting Stable Fly

You Should Know About The Biting Stable Fly

Stable Flies are not attracted to “odor” traps, but to specially designed Stable Fly Traps. This is the fly you'll see on the forelegs and flanks of your horses so if you have horses stomping, it's these. Biting Stable Flies reproduce in horse manure, but also spoiled vegetation without any manure like old round bales or grass clipping. Learn more helpful tips about the biting stable fly.

Sgt Reckless

Of Interest: Sgt Reckless

Despite only measuring about 13 hands, this little red mare became an American hero. Reckless was awarded 2 Purple Hearts for her valor and was officially promoted to Staff Sergeant (USMC), a distinction never bestowed upon an animal before or since. Read more here about this heroic mare and NYT Best Selling book about her.

Evin R., DevonWood Sherwood, Oregon

Customer  Spotlight

"For years, DevonWood has relied on Spalding Fly Predators as its secret weapon during fly season. It's not just good science, it's good business. Our boarders expect the best, and with Spalding's help, we provide it."
-Evin R., DevonWood Sherwood, Oregon

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