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guitarWhen The Work's All Done This Fallguitar

Michael Martin MurpheyMichael Martin Murphey is currently in the midst of his Cowboy Christmas Tour! This last year we met up with Murph in Red River, New Mexico to collaborate on a series of music videos. What became known as the "Sessions at Red River" produced some amazing music. This year Spalding has a Free Murph CD with your order if you request it AND we're also honored to offer to Spalding customers his newly released High Stakes CD for ONLY $8 which is over half off.

In "When The Work's All Done This Fall" video, Murph shares with us the inspiration of it's author D.J. O’Malley to become a 'rep' and the story behind his song explaining the greatest risk to cowboy's of that time. This toe tapping tune is truly a lovely, yet sad, story of a brave young cowboy and is a brilliant example of traditional Cowboy Music.

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Ring In New Year With FREE Iconic Calendars

Iconic CalendarsBe prepared for 2016 with our FREE Iconic Calendars. You can preview the Kenneth Wyatt Cowboy Art and the Dr. Miller Cartoon calendars on our website and get your own with your early renewal bonus. Have a happy and safe New Year and never be late for an important date with these timely calendars!

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Julie GoodnightTalk about a white Christmas! Julie Goodnight lives in “heart of the Rockies,” the central mountains of Colorado, at an altitude of 7800 feet. Winters can be blistering cold on her ranch with temperatures well below 0! Julie is extremely experienced with the season and has all sorts of rules about cold weather practices. A typical question fans ask after they find out where her ranch is something like, “My gosh, what do you do with your horses in the winter?” Her answer is pretty straight forward and she offers up some tips about things to be extremely diligent about in the cold temps!
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Quick Tip - Effective Bot Fly Control
A good fall, mectin based, worming schedule kills any ingested bot files. For a non-chemical approach try removing the bot eggs every few days with a warm (110F) wet cloth or a pumice stone. Since adult bot flies do not have mouths or digestive tracts, there’s really nothing that can work on the adults so catch them before they emerge!
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bootTop 5 Horsey Stocking Stuffersboot

Be prepared for a safe and happy holiday, humans and horses alike. Check out our Top 5 Horsey Stocking Stuffers + a few more seasonal tips to help you and your horses count down to Christmas and New Year!

DiannaS. (Brighton, Colorado)

Customer  Spotlight

"This is my 8th year using Fly Predators and I will never quit using them. There are alot of products out there that claim to work, but none come even close to what Fly Predators do."  - Diana S. (Dandridge, TN)

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