It's October!
We're handing out treats and a few tricks too!

This month it's "Tricks AND Treats" from Spalding Labs®. In this issue you can;

We hope you enjoy these treats AND learn a few helpful tricks too!

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RichardWintersRichard Winters won the Road to the Horse in 2009 and will be competing for this coveted title again in 2016. He has been the reined cow horse champion several times over and is an engaging educator with an uncanny knack for teaching students of all levels and disciplines. We think you'll truly enjoy these fabulous videos and learn lots from this series!

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It's A 2016 Calendar Treat

Cowboy Art of Kenneth WyattYou can preview the beautiful art of this iconic calendar now and then order a FREE Kenneth Wyatt cowboy art calendar with your early renewal bonus. Kenneth Wyatt is one of the most well-known and prolific Western artists of today. During a career spanning more than 45 years, his talents as a painter, sculptor, author, poet and speaker have garnered him multiple awards and an international following. Kenneth's paintings are for everyone. We are proud to be able to share his talents with you!
The timeless Humor of RMMDr. Robert M. Miller is a renowned veterinarian, expert in the study of animal behavior, the pioneer of the horsemanship revolution, and founder of the scientific system used around the world called imprint training. In short, he is a national treasure! Now in his 37th year of using Fly Predators®, we are honored to be able to share yet another one of Dr. Miller’s talents, cartoonist. You can preview it in our flipbook online or schedule your 2016 Fly Predators to receive an early renewal bonus + a free Dr. Miller calendar!

of Interest

OfInterestOne of Tom Spalding's business partners in a variety of ventures spanning many decades recently launched his new book, American Made to outstanding reviews up and down the California coast and throughout the USA. Written by Cliff Branch, one of the pioneers in youth marketing during the post-Vietnam era, the book features an abundance of compelling photographs chronicling the last 50 years of American pop, business and political culture. Spalding certainly didn't take the career path one might expect from someone selling bugs now! It's The Wonder Years combined with Mad Men and a little bit of The Social Network thrown in for good measure! Thoroughly heartfelt and humorous, American Made is fearless in its scrutiny of the Boomer Generation. Available on Amazon.

Quick Tip - Horse Treat Pumpkin Surprise!
The holidays are officially here and at Spalding Labs this means trying out great new homemade horsey treats. You’ll enjoy watching your horse with his treat as much as he’ll enjoy eating it! Take a small pumpkin, cut off top and remove all insides (be sure to get all seeds). Fill it with grain, pears, carrots, apples, bananas or whatever fruit you have on hand. Replace the top and serve!
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- Happy Spalding Labs Team -

Tricks To Eliminate Odors

Grand Prix dressage rider and host of the USEF award-winning HorseGirlTV®, Angelea Walkup, has been using Bye Bye Odor for five years now. She shares some of her rather unique applications in her blog post 7 Top Tips To Get Rid Of Smelly Farm, Household, and On The Road Odors!

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