This was a great run of 8.7 and for good money but a nasty barrier got in the way!

 We went to the rodeo at Dawson Creek. Here is the sign in the middle of the town. How cool is that?

 Check out the wildlife as we drive through the Rocky Mountains near Jasper Alberta.

 We took a four-car ferry to get to La Crete Field of Dreams Pro Rodeo in Alberta, Canada.  I'm not even sure you could find it on the map because it's so far north.

 The ferry road is dirt.

 Even Popper Dot had her head out the window and was checking it out.

They treated us like royalty. We had pancakes and eggs for breakfast and then chicken wings and grilled shrimp for supper. They have pens built for horses, supply hay and shavings. Heck, they even bring fresh water to your horses on a four wheeler. What a great committee!