The Fourth of July run was so busy Mike and I did not even have time to think.

We started in Ponoka, Alberta on June 25. We left there in a mad dash to the airport in Great Falls, Montana where Mike and his hauling partner Murray Pole caught a plane to Greeley, Colorado at 6am. I dropped them off at airport and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah with the horses and trailer. Mike and Murray arrived at the Denver airport, were met by an intern who took them to Greeley to compete, do a TV interview, waited on them and then returned them back to the airport to catch a flight to Salt Lake City where I picked them up at 4 pm.

 We headed to Lehi, Utah for the night of the June 26 before heading to Reno, Nevada to tie calves before slack at 7am. We made it with 45 minutes to spare! We competed at Reno on June 27, Prineville, Oregon on June 28, and Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada on June 30.

Stopping for a photo in my Spalding Labs hat.

July 1 began with Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, followed by Cody, Wyoming on July 2 at 10am then on to Greeley, Colorado that night. The July 3 rodeo was held in Livingston, Montana with an all night drive to St Paul, Oregon for preparation of calves at 10am for competition at 1pm.

This Fourth of July also included Molalla, Oregon (which was 30 minutes away) as well as another rodeo the same night. We wouldn't want to leave one out! Mike then flew to Springdale, Arkansas for July 5 while I took the horses and trailer and headed across to Belle Fourche, South Dakota for July 6.

After that we drove to Minneapolis, Minnesota and put the horses at a friend’s house for a well-deserved rest while we headed to the airport for a clinic in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

The trailer went through 9 states (some more than once), 2 Canadian provinces, and 12 rodeos in 13 days. The Spalding Labs billboard on the horse trailer really got some exposure over the two weeks.